Environmental Contamination

At NSPR Law, our concern for our future is exceeded only by our concern for current environmental poisoning victims. These toxic exposure victims normally must deal with serious and life-threatening conditions. We help these families obtain the compensation they need to face the future. These legal actions also force companies to be more responsible, even if that added responsibility affects their precious profits.

Hard-Hitting Environmental Contamination Lawyers

Overall, concern for our environment is at an all-time high. Behaviors like recycling items and reducing consumption are priorities for most people. Unfortunately, at many companies, this concern is at an all-time low. Environmental protection is seen as an impediment to the relentless pursuit of profits. As a result, current victims and future generations suffer.

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Reckless Contamination

Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) water poisoning is one of the most pressing environmental contamination issues of our time. Like many other similar problems, this contamination could be reckless or intentional.

For years, PFOA firefighting foam was a staple at airports and Air Force bases throughout America. This substance effectively controlled the intense heat generated by a jet aircraft crash. But the PFOA in stored firefighting foam leached into nearby groundwater.

PFOA is one of the most dangerous chemicals known to science. The human body cannot tolerate even trace amounts of this substance. PFOA poisoning could cause cancer, liver disease, reproductive problems, and a host of other injuries.

Frequently, evidence of these illnesses does not appear for years or even decades. Even though the statute of limitations in these cases is normally two years, these victims still have legal options. Thanks to the discovery rule, victims are not obliged to file claims until they realize the full extent of their injuries and they connect those injuries with another person or entity’s wrongful conduct.

Intentional Dumping

PFOA and similar chemicals are not just in firefighting foam. This chemical forms a barrier between two substances. Therefore, PFOA is a common ingredient in things like stain-resistant carpet, leather tanning processes, and Teflon cooking utensils. Frequently, rather than dispose of PFOA safely, companies simply dump it outside. These companies usually reason that the concentration is so low, the PFOA does not present a threat. But ignorance of the applicable science is no excuse to put people at risk.

Compensation is usually high in environmental poisoning claims, mostly because so many victims are affected at once. Compensation is usually even higher in intentional dumping claims. Somewhere along the line, a corporate decisionmaker chose to put people at risk so profits would not be affected. Once an environmental contamination lawyer locates this smoking gun, the effects are very dramatic, in a court of law and in the court of public opinion.

Environmental contamination normally causes serious injuries. For a free consultation with an experienced environmental litigation attorney, contact NSPR Law Services, LLC. Our local presence makes a big difference in your stateside claim.

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