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At NSPR Law, our pharmaceutical lawyers serve as a strong voice for you. We share your outrage over the injury you sustained. And, we are not intimidated by large drug or medical device companies. We are also experienced enough to deal with all the technical nuances in these cases. So, we are very well-suited to obtain the best possible result under the circumstances. That’s our goal, because it is your goal as well.

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Tenacious Pharmaceutical Lawyers

The drugs and medical devices which are available to consumers are supposed to help them heal. Frequently, however, unsafe drugs and medical devices cause far more harm than they prevent. These victims deserve fair compensation for their injuries. Justice might be even more important. Unless someone speaks out, these companies will continue to put profits before people.

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Your Claim for Damages

Medical drug and device makers have a special responsibility to sell products that are safe and effective. Unfortunately, many companies only focus on the second part of this mandate. Safety frequently takes a back seat to effectiveness. When that happens, people get hurt. There are essentially two types of damage claims in this area. Defective hip implants, which have promoted tens of thousands of lawsuits across America, are a good example of both types of claims.

  • Design Defect: Most of the latest artificial hips have all-metal parts, which supposedly made them more durable. But as these parts grind against each other, they release microscopic metal flecks into the person’s bloodstream. Over time, these particles accumulate and cause metallosis, or metal poisoning.
  • Manufacturing Defect: In the rush to make as much money as possible, some artificial hip makers used cheap imported metal, mostly from China, which had high levels of chromium and other dangerous heavy metals. These materials accelerate the metallosis process and make the outcome much worse.

Manufacturers are strictly liable for the injuries their defective drugs and devices cause. That’s one of the highest standards in the law. Because so many people are at risk, a higher standard of care is necessary to protect them.

Compensation Available

Unsafe medical devices often leave victims essentially disabled for life. Likewise, dangerous drugs often have extremely serious side-effects, such as kidney disease, reproductive problems, and cancer. As a result, substantial compensation is available to these victims. This money helps them deal with their lingering injuries and move on with their lives.

Additionally, substantial punitive damages are normally available as well. Many companies try to hide product defects from consumers, so they will keep buying the item. They do not even warn consumers about the potential risk. These coverups intentionally place people at risk. If there is clear and convincing evidence of such misconduct, the jury could award punitive damages.

Our sole mission is to protect victims. For a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney, contact NSPR Law Services, LLC. We do not charge upfront legal fees in stateside legal matters we handle.

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