Medical Malpractice

At NSPR Law, we are equally aggressive when it comes to protecting your rights. High-priced lawyers from large insurance companies and hospitals do not intimidate us. These lawyers might be able to match our resources, but their dedication to profits cannot possibly match our dedication to victims. This passion gives us an edge, both during court hearings and during pretrial settlement negotiations.

Diligent Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Much like people count on sophisticated medical devices to make life more livable, people count on doctors to make or keep them healthy. Since patients depend entirely on their physicians in this area, the legal standard of care is very high. Unfortunately, many physicians betray this sacred trust, usually to make their medical practices more profitable. If a medical malpractice injury has affected your family, you need swift and decisive legal help, because the doctor and insurance company have hordes of lawyers looking out for their interests.

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Lack of information is usually the cause of misdiagnosis. Doctors fail to properly diagnose about a fifth of their patients. During consultations, doctors rarely listen to their patients discuss their symptoms for more than a few seconds. Then, they often fail to conduct a full array of tests, mostly because they are afraid the insurance company will refuse to pay for them. This lack of information is especially serious with regard to:

  • Cancer: Most physicians believe cancer is a lifestyle or genetic disease. So, unless the patient behaves in certain ways (think smoking and lung cancer) or has an unmistakable family history, most doctors never consider cancer as a possibility.
  • Head Injuries: Many of these victims do not suffer from signature symptoms, such as unconsciousness and vomiting. Therefore, many physicians diagnose injury-related head injuries as shock from the accident. As a result, their conditions deteriorate.
  • Cardiovascular Conditions: These conditions combine the problems mentioned above. Many patients do not experience signature symptoms. Some female heart attack victims do not have severe chest pains. And, most doctors only associate cardiovascular illnesses with certain lifestyle and genetic profiles.

Survival and remission rates for cancer and other serious chronic illnesses have improved significantly since the 1990s. But these improvements assume that doctors promptly and properly diagnose patients. Otherwise, doctors must play from behind.

Medical Mistakes

It is hard to believe that skilled doctors make tragic mistakes during surgical procedures. But such errors are not uncommon. Perhaps most regrettably, these mistakes are rather easy to prevent. For example, a quick chart verification stops incorrect surgical procedures. But in busy operating rooms, some doctors refuse to take such basic precautions.

Medical mistakes also occur during labor and delivery. If the baby does not glide down the mother’s birth canal, many doctors resort to risky medical interventions, such as forceps and vacuum extractors. These interventions could permanently injure both mothers and babies.

Medical mistakes often cause serious injuries. For a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney, contact NSPR Law Services, LLC. Our local presence makes a big difference in your stateside injury claim.

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